Five hundred participants, including government-designated experts from a hundred countries and representatives of eighty international, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations attended the International Conference on Water and the Environment (ICWE) in Dublin, Ireland, on 26-31 January 1992. The experts saw the emerging global water resources picture as critical. At its closing session, the Conference adopted this Dublin Statement and the Conference Report. The problems highlighted are not speculative in nature; nor are they likely to affect our planet only in the distant future. They are here and they affect humanity now. The future survival of many millions of people demands immediate and effective action.… Read More

There are many important reasons why women should be more involved in a community water resources project. In order to have more women’s participation, we need to better understand the role women play and how access to water can improve not only their own development but expand to many other opportunities. This note aims at giving some clues to increase women’s participation for decisions related to the management and maintenance of a collective good, the water supply infrastructure.… Read More

This report from WaterAid looks in depth at the sanitation and water sector in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda. It analyses key characteristics of the sectors, recognises past successes, and identifies new challenges across the continent. It calls for renewed action from Africa’s leaders.… Read More

About       Map showing the construction of Irish Aid wells & gravities by GOAL in Kenema District in 2013. This map shows both gravity fed systems and protected hand dug Wells. Authors    GOAL Year          2014   Download PDF here… Read More