Lassa Fever is endemic in certain parts of West Africa, and has a case fatality rate of 69%. The disease is transmitted via rodents, and whilst much research has gone into the treatment, limited information is available on it’s prevention. The DfID funded WASH Facility supported Tulane University and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health & Sanitation to undertake a pilot on prevention, predominantly looking at measures that can be integrated within rural water, sanitation and hygiene programmes.… Read More

This document sets out our long-term approach to water supply in rural areas and small towns based on the National Water and Sanitation Policy (NWSP) approved in 2010. The strategy has been prepared by the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) in consultation with organisations working in the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. The document sets out the work we plan to deliver and the financial, physical and human resources we require in achieving the desired goals.… Read More

A 20-page summary outlining the aims of the National Water and Sanitation Policy (NWSP). With water becoming increasingly scarce and often of inferior quality, more attention on managing our water resources is needed so that water does not become a constraint to national development.… Read More