The Waste-to-Wealth Entrepreneurs Association is an organistion that coordinates the activies of registered small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are involved in waste reuse and recycling activies in Bo city and its surrounding areas. The Association’s members use discarded waste products to transform them into valuable goods.… Read More

The Action Plan for waste mangement in Bo proposes specific objectives, activities, time frame, responsibilities and products in Part A. Part B presents the diagnosis and planning solutions that will direct the path of waste management in Bo city from 2014 – 2020.… Read More

Plastic waste is a major issue in Sierra Leone, and the rate of recycling is very limited in comparison to it’s potential. This 5 minute film shows various ways to convert waste plastic into products that can be locally produced such as paving slabs, plastic weaving, and handbags. The film is based on ‘waste to… Read More

Poor waste management in Sierra Leone causes major health risks, and materials that could be re-used/recycled and re-sold are wasted. This 5 minute film shows various ways to convert waste metal and rubber into products that can be locally produced such as sieves, graters, domestic stoves, cooking pots, slippers, buckets, motorbike parts, and much more.… Read More

The management of solid waste in Sierra Leone poses major burdens on local councils, and collection and disposal services are often limited. This 20 minute film details the activities and learning from two WASH Facility pilot projects undertaken in the cities of Bo and Makeni. A major component of the projects were how to develop… Read More

Waste to Wealth

With funding from DFID, Living Earth is implementing a pilot project in poor urban areas of Makeni to build the capacity of social enterprises and community based organisations to deliver waste management and recycling services. Living Earth and its partners have launched a new project website for people interested in learning more about “Waste to… Read More