To implement the National Water and Sanitation Policy (NWSP), the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MeWR) established the WASH Sector Policy Co-ordination Team (SPCT) to oversee and coordinate externally – focussed sector activities supporting the WASH policy. The SPCT manages and coordinates all actions needed to implement the NWSP and has representation from relevant sector actors.… Read More

Following two decades of centralised rule and 10 years of civil war, Sierra Leone does not have an adequate institutional framework for delivering its development goals relating to water and sanitation. The government has embarked on profound reform and transformation across the WASH sector. A significant part of this reform includes changes in the mandates, structure and responsibilities of a number of public sector institutions.… Read More

Sierra Leone’s Third Generation Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2013 – 2018) About   Sierra Leone’s Vision for 2013 to 2035 is to become a middle-income country. It would be an inclusive, green country, with 80% of the population above the poverty line. It would have gender equality, a well-educated, healthy population, good governance and rule of law, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability,… Read More

Nutritional deficiencies are suggested to be one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in Sierra Leone, therefore an up-to-date and thorough investigation of the micronutrient status of vulnerable groups is warranted. Information collected by the SLMS will enable the government and international agencies to monitor the current status of national nutrition programs (e.g. salt iodization and vitamin A supplementation) and to plan future nutrition interventions.… Read More