The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to the staff of the Waste Management Department and Bo Town Council as a whole on their roles, responsibilties and implementation of the department’s activieis. The document serves as a roadmap for the proper implementation of the department’s operational and financial responsibilties.… Read More

The Waste-to-Wealth Entrepreneurs Association is an organistion that coordinates the activies of registered small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are involved in waste reuse and recycling activies in Bo city and its surrounding areas. The Association’s members use discarded waste products to transform them into valuable goods.… Read More

Klin Bo is an umbrella organisation that coordinates the activities of all Klin Bo youth groups who are presently engaged in a Public Private Partnership in waste collection and disposal with Bo City Council. The organisation aims to create sustainable jobs for unemployed youth as well as to solve the problem of waste collection and dispoal in Bo City. This document is the organisation’s Constitution.… Read More

Klin Bo offer waste collection services. This one-page documents outline their services and their pricing plan. Customers can chose the frequency of collection and the size of their bin. Klin Bo is run by Canal Youth Organisation. Their customer registration form is available for download also.… Read More

The Action Plan for waste mangement in Bo proposes specific objectives, activities, time frame, responsibilities and products in Part A. Part B presents the diagnosis and planning solutions that will direct the path of waste management in Bo city from 2014 – 2020.… Read More