VOLUME I: Demand Assessment for Sanitation Facilities and Services

About     This report was commissioned by GOAL Sierra Leone to assess the sanitation market in the vulnerable communities of Freetown, Sierra Leone. It is intended to contribute to and support GOAL’s activities under the Freetown Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Consortium programme funded by UK Department for International Development (UK-DFID). This first of three volumes is focused on evaluating the demand for sanitation facilities and services in vulnerable communities as well as the communication channels used in Freetown. The consequent volumes examine faecal sludge emptying services and the supply of sanitary facilities and services in Freetown.

Annex C is also available for download below and shows the Cluster Maps for Household Sanitation Survey.

Author     George Mikhael, GOAL Sierra Leone

Year         2010

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To download Volume II of the assessment please visit this page.