For what is often proclaimed as one of Sierra Leone’s cleanest cities, Bo City has considerable issues regarding environmental sanitation, which pose significant health risks to its 200,000 or so residents. Welthungerhilfe (WHH) are partnered with the Bo City Council (BCC) to deliver a BMZ funded project on liquid waste management, titled: The Promotion of Sanitation and Hygiene Measures to Reduce Risks of Health Epidemics in the City of Bo. This project is running from 2015. There has been a separate DfID funded programme focussed on solid waste from 2013, running until 2018, and it is expected that the on-going liquid waste components post April 2016 would be integrated into the DfID funded programme that would be an overall Waste Management Programme (Solid & Liquid Waste Management).

Part of the objectives of the BMZ programme is to develop a Liquid Waste Management Strategy 2016-2020. WHH commissioned this drafting exercise. An independent consultant (Joana Forte) undertook this task in January 2016. The methodology of data collection included literature review, field visits and discussions with key stakeholders, interviews with liquid waste businesses and local residents. During the assignment various stakeholders had differing opinions on certain aspects of the Liquid Waste Management (LWM) plan, which were not resolved during the assignment timeframe. These concepts and ideas were collected and discussed, and these are the genesis of this paper.

This paper is structured in a way that all collected concepts and ideas are registered. Recommended approaches are then highlighted.

Author     Bo City Council and WeltHungerHilfe

Year         2016


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