About   What is the cost of maintaining a well or a borehole equipped with a hand pump in rural areas? How much does it represent per family user? Is it afforadable? How villagers can be organised for amanaging a contribution in a transparent way? This short note gives some key elements on these questions through the perspective of the approach implemented by Inter Aide.

Author  Inter Aide

Year      2014


Download Costings here


Inter Aide have also published a short summary of their strategy on maintaintaining hand pumps in order to sustain access to safe water in Bombali District, Sierra Leone

Download Maintenance here

Inter Aid have also shared their lessons learnt on two projects they have been working on in Sierra Leone which are available for download below.

The first document explains the lessons learnt in water point construction when implementing their sustainable improvement to food security project in North Bombali district: download here

The second document shares learnings on water points maintenance and reinforcing local capacities in supporting water committees for regular preventive diagnosis from Inter Aide's experiences in Bombali communities: download here