About     GOAL, in partnership with the Kenema District Health Management Team is undertaking an IrishAid funded pilot project on Community Health Clubs. The Clubs aim to provide a community platform where topics such as WASH, communicable diseases, nutrition, and reproductive/maternal and child health can be covered. The behaviour change activities are being delivered at community level by Community Health Workers, and this is complimented by club savings and loans schemes, and sanitation marketing. The approach to sanitation and hygiene builds on some of the methods of CLTS, and could be described as ‘CLTS+’.

This manual gives some information on the approach, and is a detailed facilitator’s manual on the 25 sessions under the Phase 1 course. Phase 1 covers: the establishment of the clubs; basic concepts; health seeking behaviours; WASH; and communicable diseases. A separate manual is to be produced to cover nutrition, reproductive maternal and child health topics, which form the Phase 2 course for the clubs. This phase 1 manual builds on and evolves some content from the 2005 manual by CARE Sierra Leone, together with a number of revised and new topics and approaches. This manual is highly customised to the context of rural Sierra Leone, and may be of interest or value to other organisations promoting WASH/health programmes in the country.

Author       GOAL

Year           2015


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