Self Supply encourages the incremental improvement of household and community supply through user investment in water treatment, supply construction and up-grading, including small rainwater harvesting and groundwater systems. It is a concept which complements conventional rural water supply funded by government, enabling self-help improvement of supplies where no protected supply is available, or where consumers feel they can support higher levels of service than are presently provided by the public sector.… Read More

Securing access to safe drinking water is a chronic issue in rural Sierra Leone: waterborne diseases are common, cholera outbreaks are a regular occurrence, and water source points can desiccate during the dry season. Nevertheless, in the past few years an interesting water access phenomenon has been occurring in Sierra Leone: a small commercial market for purified water is being developed in rural areas.… Read More

This document sets out our long-term approach to water supply in rural areas and small towns based on the National Water and Sanitation Policy (NWSP) approved in 2010. The strategy has been prepared by the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) in consultation with organisations working in the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. The document sets out the work we plan to deliver and the financial, physical and human resources we require in achieving the desired goals.… Read More