An information sheet sharing experiences on Household Water Treatment (HHWT) learnt in Bombali District. HHWT provides one solution for families to reduce diarrhoeal disease. HHWT is implemented at the community level, an affordable solution and easy to implement if the training is done thoroughly.… Read More

Within the frame of its maintenance projects conducted in Sierra Leone, Inter Aide was rapidly confronted to a high demand for rehabilitation of hand-dug wells, beyond the sole issue of the pump maintenance. In this direction, this document was designed as a tool to proposal practical advice for the rehabilitation of hand-dug wells.… Read More

This document is about the chlorination protocol undertaken by Inter Aide in Sierra Leone after every pump installation made or for every well that the water quality tests indicate a faecal contamination inside the well. Their aim is to disinfect the water contained inside the well and suppress any contamination coming from the outside of the well.… Read More