It is sometimes difficult to explain maintenance to communities and to illustrate the importance of a preventive approach compare to reparation. The anecdotes included in this document are examples that can be used during awareness sessions and trainings with communities to pass the message that regular routine maintenance operations, quick management of small repair and small regular investments on maintenance avoid that it becomes a worse and more costly intervention or that it affects people more seriously.… Read More

The purpose of this textbook is to facilitate the decision making process, for both professional and lay persons working in the area of water supply and sanitation, in arriving at a low tech sustainable solution to water/wastewater problems. The text is based on experiences, gathered on site, during many years of labour and investigation. EMAS authorizes copying of the text, but requests that those who do utilise the text inform EMAS of it use and purpose.… Read More

Report on the High Level Forum on Water and Sanitation for All in Africa Conference, which was held from 21st – 23rd November 2013 at Hotel Sofitel in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. WASH-Net participated as a civil society representative. The conference aims to serve as a common continental platform for African leaders in charge of Water and Sanitation sectors, and others who can influence more specific, implementable and measurable changes in WASH in Africa.… Read More

The Sierra Leone sector learning strategic plan is the result of the consultative process that started with the commitment of the Ministry of Water Resources in 2013 to develop a WASH sector learning framework. This plan provides a summary outline and proposal how to operationalise for the short- to medium term this framework and has the purpose to mobilise support and funding for the sector learning initiative.… Read More