Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) is a partnership bringing together governments, donors, civil society and multilateral organisations at both global and national levels. It aims to ensure all people have access to basic sanitation and safe drinking water, with a specific focus on those countries most off-track in achieving this.… Read More

This evaluation intended to review the current sanitation activities, and provide positive and constructive feedback, which would then support the development of the second phase of the Freetown Urban WASH Consortium.… Read More

This manual was designed by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), UNICEF and GOAL to help support Natural Leaders during the pre-triggering, triggering and follow-up of CLTS communities. The manual gives simple examples of how to carry out each stage of CLTS.… Read More

Sierra Leonean society is one characterized by gender inequality, and discrimination against women and girls in the home. With the inception of the CLTS project, several awareness raising campaign sessions and meetings were held on the need to change these dangerous stereotypes. The project has succeeded in changing these stereotypes. Today, household sanitation is the shared responsibility of boys and girls, men and women alike. Sweeping and cleaning of latrines and the compound is done by the boys and girls on a weekly rotational basis. … Read More