The Water Security Project has been working in the middle reaches of the Rokel­Seli River Basin, the largest and arguably one of the most strategic river basins in Sierra Leone. The Rokel­Seli River Basin contains a microcosm of the water management and water security issues which occur in Sierra Leone.… Read More

Brief description of the project Sanitation Marketing (SM) pilot project in Kenema District that will detail lessons learnt for possible future scaling up nationwide: “ALAFIA: A sustainable and innovative answer to sanitation challenges.” What problem is the project addressing and what solution does it propose? This SM pilot project builds on existing formative research, based… Read More

Brief description of the project There have been some recent innovations in the provision of pro-poor WASH services for households and communities and the Village Savings and Loans (VSLs) has been one. As a country emerging from conflict, many organizations started implementing VSLs to provide support to communities to mobilise resources for their worn livelihood… Read More

Brief description of the project WaterAid is a leading organization in Water Self Supply Initiatives in Sierra Leone. The initiative is about accelerating Households investment in improved water self-supply in Sierra Leone. The Self Supply project of WaterAid which started in 2012 is encouraging a 100% household and community funding for simple affordable low cost… Read More