Klin Bo offer waste collection services. This one-page documents outline their services and their pricing plan. Customers can chose the frequency of collection and the size of their bin. Klin Bo is run by Canal Youth Organisation. Their customer registration form is available for download also.… Read More

This evaluation intended to review the current sanitation activities, and provide positive and constructive feedback, which would then support the development of the second phase of the Freetown Urban WASH Consortium.… Read More

Study on Management Options & Financial Sustainability for Small Town Water Supplies in Sierra Leone. Empowering both state decision-makers and implementing partners for better policies and service deliveries.… Read More

Currently, of all the finances going into Sierra Leone, the water and sanitation sector does not see its fair share. Of the donors, the two biggest bi-laterals don’t address the sector. For government funding, other sectors are prioritised more (the road fund, for example, receives more than water from public funds). This low priority of WaSH for financing needs to be addressed.… Read More